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Attorney Aid offers...

Attorney Aid offers affordable divorce and bankruptcy legal services in Southern California from our staff of experienced attorneys and law professionals.

  Get the help you need from experienced attorneys.

  Over 20 years in business.

  Thousands of satisfied clients.

  Payment plans available to fit all budgets.

Here is how we can save you THOUSANDS of dollars...

Many law firms won't tell you how simple and straightforward divorce and bankruptcy really are. Many law firms have their paralegals do your paperwork and then act as if the attorneys did it. This results in inflated legal bills. We do not work that way.

We tell you up front that our legal staff will do your paperwork on state-of-the-art computer systems so that the courts will readily accept it. Attorneys supervise and counsel you as needed.

Routine cases typically do not need more attorney involvement than that. The result is much lower legal bills.

If your case becomes complicated, our attorneys can step in and make limited appearances for you at discounted rates. You only pay for the attorney time actually used. Again, resulting in a much lower legal bill.



  Caring professionals make your legal solutions simple.

  Divorce and Bankruptcy made easy.

  Plain English, not legal jargon.

  Attorney quality at paralegal prices.

  Your paperwork is prepared so that the need for attorney representation in court is minimized.

  Attorneys review your paperwork so it speaks for you.

  Attorneys counsel you and take over if necessary.


In addition to our divorce services, we wish to notify potential bankruptcy clients that we are a debt relief agency as defined in the 2005 amendments to the US Bankruptcy Code.

We help people file bankruptcy to obtain relief under the US Bankruptcy Code.



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