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We are a debt relief agency as defined in the 2005 amendments to the US Bankruptcy Code.

We help people file bankruptcy to obtain relief under the US Bankruptcy Code.



Do these technical legal terms sound confusing?

Call any of our offices and we will explain them to you in plain English:

  Secured Debt

  Unsecured debt

  Reaffirmation Agreement


  Automatic Stay

  Chapter 7, Straight bankruptcy

  Chapter 13

(The Wage Earner Plan)

Bankruptcy - What you need to know


In this current coronavirus crisis, everything seems to be going from bad to worse. Businesses are closing and people are losing their jobs while they still have to pay for basic living expenses such as gas, food, and housing. You may have just had a home foreclosed, a car repossessed, or credit card bills that are spiraling out of control. We're here to help you get your life back again.

The lawyers and staff at Attorney Aid have been helping people in Southern California for over 25 years with filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a tool created by our federal government to give individuals another chance for a fresh economic start. If airlines, hotels and other large companies are taking the federal government's help, you should consider doing the same.

Bankruptcy is a lengthy, detailed process that you need to get right the first time. We've been helping consumers with bankruptcy for over two decades - under both the old law and with all the new changes and rules that went into effect in 2005. In fact, we are one of the few law firms in Los Angeles to have a 100% success rate for our cases filed under the new laws.

We are very selective regarding which clients we work with, and we are helpful, thorough, and there for you every step of the process. We're also AAA rated by the Southland Better Business Bureau. Our rates start at $995 for an individual Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with less than ten creditors (plus a $299 filing fee), and payment plans are available.

Call or email us today for a free consultation. We’re here to listen and be a friendly voice to help you through this critical period of your life.


Below are some common questions regarding bankruptcy.

Call any of our offices and we will explain how bankruptcy works in plain English:


Bankruptcy FAQ's



  Creditors can, and will, continually harass you and your family both at home and work.

  Creditors can sue both your family and you, and receive a judgment lien against you forcing the sale and/or repossession of your property.

  Creditors can garnish up to 25% of your wages from each paycheck.

  Creditors can freeze your bank account.

  Creditors can force the sale of your home.



  Stop the harassment by collection agencies.

  Wipe out most credit card bills (unsecured debt), loans, medical bills and civil lawsuits.

  Stop collection efforts by most creditors immediately.

  Stop a wage garnishment.

  Stop, a foreclosure sale of your home temporarily.

  Protect your personal property immediately.



  Complete and file the entire bankruptcy package (over 32 pages).

  Protect your wages.

  Temporarily halt a repossession.

  Take calls from your creditors so they leave you in peace.

  Our attorneys will represent you in court.

  Protect your personal property, car and belongings.



Price for Attorney Represented Bankruptcy

(California Central District - Los Angeles and Orange County Divisions)

Individual ~ starting at $995.00 plus Court Filing Fee

Joint ~ starting at $1,295.00 plus Court Filing Fee

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Nothing contained herein shall be construed as constituting legal advice and/or advice about your personal situation. This website is intended as an overview of various options available based on generally published information. This is not an exhaustive or comprehensive analysis of bankruptcy law. Your personal circumstances should determine if and when to proceed.



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